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Уважаемые Партнеры!Обращаем Ваше внимание, что правила взымания таксы YR на CI/AE будут изменены для билетов выписанных/обмененых начиная с 16 августа 2021 года следующим образом. Просим Вас ознакомиться и использовать в Вашей работе:



For tickets issued/reissued on/after 16AUG2021.


The charge will be collected under the IATA Tax Code – YR(Carrier-Imposed Fees).

3.Standard charge

USD 20 perCI(297)/AE(803)/HR(169)journeywithout any discount, commission and VIC .

4.Applicable routes

(1).All CI/AE international segments (including CI/AE code shared sectors) in journey originating worldwide (except HKG) issued on CI(297)/AE(803)/HR(169) tickets will be charged with Booking Service Charge (YR).
(2).All AE operated domestic sectors will be excluded.

5.Class (RBD)

For all Reservation Booking Designators (RBDs).

6.Fare Type

(1).All CI (297) /AE(803) tickets issued through all sales channels except thefollowings: Infant Fare Tickets,ID Fare Tickets, Award Tickets (BP00).
(2).Tickets issued for special services including stretcher (STCR), extra seat (CBBG/EXST)…etc. Only one time of YR will be applied to passengers only, no extra double charge.
(3).CI/AE sectors issued on OAL tickets (except HR-Hahn Air) will be excluded.


(1).YR tax code( including YR filed by OAL )is non-refundable including the reasons of decease/illness/injury for ticketed passengers, or their immediate/accompanied family members, or any visa or travel document related issues. However,fortickets purchased via China Airlines website and to/from USA, a full refund without service charge will be given if the refund request is submitted within 48 hours after ticket purchase and the reservation was made one week or more prior to a flight's scheduled departure, full refund for YR amount without any penalty will be granted.
(2).For Involuntary refunds of totally unused tickets caused by such as flight irregularity or severe weather conditions like typhoon, the YR amount can be refunded. But for partially used tickets, YR amount will remain as non-refundable because YR is levied on per journey basis.


(1).In case of ticket reissuance, YR has been imposed in previous transaction will not be collected again except in the case as mentioned in 8.(3). .
(2).YR amount is not allowed to be offset from fare, YQ and other tax. Same YR tax code (Carrier-Imposed Fees) between CI/AE/OAL could be offset.
(3).For tickets issued on/before 15AUG2021 and reissued on/after 16AUG2021 :

  • For totally unused tickets, YR amount difference needs to be collected up to USD20.
  • For partially used tickets, the original YR will remain unchanged if no new sector added ; otherwise, an additional amount of YR USD5 will be collected for each additional sector based on original charging scheme effective on/before 15AUG2021.

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