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Agent Debit Memo Policy Our Booking Systems are programmed to provide the best availability for its flights through different GDSs. As all booking activities for RJ flights take effect on these systems via RJ’s inventory. Booking activities are monitored by an auditing program. This is to ensure the integrity of Royal Jordanian’s inventory for the benefit of passengers, travel agents and Royal Jordanian itself.


Abiding by this Booking Policy and the consequences of violation apply for every entity accessing Royal Jordanian Inventory and Reservation System. These entities include IATA and Non-IATA and ARC and Non -ARC agents accredited travel agents using any of the GDSs.

This document explains the rules that Royal Jordanian applies to ensure proper booking activities. Violations of these rules may lead to Agent Debit Memos (ADM) or invoices, or ultimately disconnection from accessing Royal Jordanian Inventory and Reservation System.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

For any questions regarding the Booking Policy; Kindly contact your local RJ Sales Team



1-  Churning:

Means excessive book and cancel segments for the same passenger on the same flight, date, RBD, and route.

Usually used to:

  • Achieve the GDS productivity targets.
  • Extend time limit.
  • Reactivate the PNR after it was canceled without referring to the passenger.

The above practices are strictly prohibited. However, segment(s) booked or cancelled either by agency/airline max (6) under one PNR or across different PNRs shall be subject to churning charges regardless if the ticket was issued or not.

*churning segment count will be considered starting the 1st transaction.



Per Segment

Per Passenger


2- Fictitious & Speculative / Training & Test Bookings / Uncommitted Bookings:

It is prohibited to make:

  • Reservations which are created using Fictitious names or speculative segments, with no intent of travel and not directly related to a request from a passenger to purchase a ticket.
  • Reservations created for training and testing purposes. As it’s only permitted on the training module provided by the GDS and it must be used only for testing functionality or training personnel.
  • Uncommitted booking which means when the agent book segments and hold them without ending the reservation (without EOT) for longer than the usual time it takes to end a usual booking.

RJ shall have the right to ask for any proof from the agent to investigate a suspected abuse case.

 Flight Range
Per passenger / passenger

72 Hours

 More than 72 Hours

 Business 300 20
 Economy50 20

3-  Manipulation of Ticket Time limit

It is prohibited to add unwanted segments to the booking to gain a longer ticket time limit


per passenger


4-  Inactive Segments

Royal Jordanian sends a notification directly to the original booking agent’s GDS queue whenever a reservation is affected by: a schedule change, ticket time limit action, flight cancellation or any other circumstances. Consequently, changes to itinerary segment status resulting inactive segments that require action at least 25 hours prior to the departure date.

Travel agency is required to:

  1. Remove inactive segments HX, UN, UC, NO, WL or WN,,,
  2. Regularly check and clean your queue and ensure that all status codes are actioned.


Per Segment

Per Passenger


5-  Passive Segments

A passive segment only accepted for ticketing purposes only. It shall be:

  • Completely matching the booking in RJ inventory system.
  • Reflecting a confirmed booking.

All canceled, rejected, wait listed or un-ticketed passive bookings; shall be cleared from RJ inventory system 25 hours prior to flight departure date.

The agent will be responsible for any inconvenience the passenger may face at the airport due to holding a confirmed ticket which was issued using passive booking mismatching the original booking.

For any abuse in passive booking ADM will be calculated same as point 6


Per Segment

Per Passenger

 6- O&D manipulation and breaking married segments
• RJ sets its availability rules based on:

- Different availability levels that may differ from country to another.
- Segments were sold as married / single segments.
  • Below actions shall be considered a manipulation with RJ inventory system whereas they considered prohibited:
1. Breaking the married segments.
2. Partial cancellation of segments.
3. Sell O&D segments as single segments.
4. Using O&D Availability for countries not intend to be traveled.
5. Availability abuse*

* Availability abuse: Travel agent attempts to book a lower available fare for a specific route from one country while issuing the ticket from another country office. (fares in the country of issuance is higher than the booking country)
• Any other reservation abuse cases will be treated the same, such as (passive booking abuse as mentioned in point 5 ….)
 Per passenger
ADM for the fare difference between actual O&D and Ticketed O&D
 Business 500
 Economy 200

7- Void / Refunded / Fake Tickets

Below actions will be considered a policy violation:
• Holding confirmed booking with Voided/refunded/flown ticket in RJ inventory is not permitted. However, a new valid ticket should be provided, otherwise the booking should to be cancelled by the agent. Such PNR will be subject to automatic cancellation by RJ system.
• Adding a fake ticket number to PNR is strictly prohibited, it’s usually added as (FHM, FHA). A valid ticket number should be inserted to the PNR for the same passenger.
• No-show resulted because of voided / refunded tickets without cancelling related PNR / segments.
• Tickets voided / refunded after the no-show (as per fare rule)
• Excessive voiding and refunding of tickets for circumventing fare, fare rules, ticket time limits or blocking space.



Per segment
Per Passenger


8- Wait Listing

Wait listing (WL) of flight segments is a common practice by travel agents that enables the customer to be listed on flights at the preferred fare. It should be booked upon passenger needs and fare acceptance.

Below action would be considered a policy violation:

• Excessive waiting list segments. (2 waiting list segments per departure date are the maximum allowed number either on the same PNR or different PNRs).

Its agent responsibly to remove unneeded waiting list segments whereas, this should be done at least 25 hours before fight departure date.



Per segment
Per Passenger

9- EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) issuance

Mismatching in code when issuing EMD will be considered a violation whereas travel agent must be accurate when issuing EMD by using the correct code which match’s the requested service.

Per wrong EMD,
New EMD to be issued

10- GDS Cancellation Fees

If an agency’s cancelation ratio* exceeds 90%, a GDS cancellation fee shall be collected. furthermore; Agent shall be subject to receive ADM.
*Cancellation ratio (number of booked segments vs. number of cancelled segments).

Per cancelled segment

11- Valid Contact Information

Valid contact information for (Passenger or the Travel agency) is a mandatory element under company rules as well as IATA resolutions (830d). It helps both airline and agent to provide an optimum service under irregularity of operation.

• Valid contact information (mobile, email, phone…) at all points of journey must be entered under SSR element according to applied GDS entries.
• Additional information considered optional.
• In the event the passenger declines to provide his / her contact details; it is mandatory that agent shall mention that on the same PNR to reduce any legal liability.
• If passenger’s information was entered incorrectly by agent and resulted any losses to RJ such as: no-show, change fees, difference in fare, rerouted tickets, or compensation to that passenger; then RJ have the right to debit that agent for a processing fee (per claim) and the actual compensation cost which was paid by the airline.

Per Claim


ADM with full amount compensated to the passenger.
12- Un-Authorized Transactions:

It is prohibited to refund a non-refundable ticket.

per ticket, in addition to non-refundable amounts

13- Duplicate bookings / Segments

Creating duplicate PNRs with the same or similar travel itinerary for the same passenger more than once by the same travel agency is strictly prohibited.

Booking will still be considered duplicate even if it has different flights, classes or dates; if it is impossible for the same passenger to travel on both bookings / segments at the same time.


50 per passenger for each segment

100 per passenger for
each PNR


14- Ancillary services

Under collection of announced ancillary service fees will be considered a violation to this policy as each ancillary service has its own fare rules. Whereas, agent needs to make sure that the amount paid matches with the announced fees



per service /passenger.

Plus, the difference

between collected charge and the applicable charge


15- Fare dilution

Agent should make sure that all booked segments are genuine and not booked to get lower fare, for such booking agent will receive ADM.

 The difference between the issued fare and the original fare

Businesses 300
Economy 100

16- Name change

Name change is not accepted in RJ. Therefore, it is agent responsibly to add passenger’s name matching the spelling in the passport.


Per passenger

17- Minimum connecting time

Minimum connecting time was set by the airline and should be respected by the agent. Therefore; in case of minimum connecting time abuse; Agent shall be responsible for any misconnection cost and expenses.


ADM will be raised on
agent with all expenses


18- Baggage allowance

Baggage allowance is determined by RJ depending on several factors such as cabin, route and competition. Thus, some agents might override this rule.



Plus, difference of the correct bag fees


19- Ticket coupons:

Ticket coupons shall be used in sequence. If not; the fare should be recalculated, then the ticket should be reissued.


Plus the recalculation


20- Tour code:

Tour code is a sales tool which designed to enhance RJ sales that includes several sales authorities which is issued upon approval from the authorized sales team.

By using invalid, voided, or used tour code; agent will receive ADM.



Per passenger plus the
full amount that was
waived by the tour code


21- Flight full data / Travel document

Its agent responsibility to inform the passenger about all flight data and information which the passenger should be informed about.

This information such as:

Equipment, configuration, equipment owner in case of wet lease, stop overs, visa requirement


ADM will be raised on agent with all expenses for the passenger complain


22- Passenger Data (DOCS)

A. Full name, Date of Birth and Gender must be entered in the SSR DOCS exactly as in the passport. Questions on formats should be directed to the applicable GDS. Mismatching between entered data and passport data shall be considered a violation to this policy.

B. Agent will take all the full responsibility / penalties that RJ will pay to the authorities in return to a fake documentation that was handled by the agent, such document as visa and passport,



Per passenger
(for fake information


Per Passenger
(if mistake is 1 –3 digits)


Per Passenger (For
repeated cases by same travel agency)


23- Invalid fare booking

Agent shall price the booking before ending the record locater (EOT).

For any booking without fare the agent will receive an ADM.



per passenger /segment


RJ Guidelines:

  • RJ policy is established based on RJ rules and policies in accordance with IATA resolutions of the passenger agency conference resolution manual.
  • In case travel agency uses more than one GDS; then booking and ticket issuance should be done by the same GDS to avoid any extra cost on RJ.
  • Ownership may be granted between agencies in a purpose of ticket issuance only.
  • IATA /ARC agents shall be responsible for the abusive practices for the NON-IATA / NON-ARC agents when they are using their access.
  • Blocked agents are prohibited from using RJ inventory system. Therefore; it is not acceptable for those agents to get any access through another agent. While if access have been given to blocked agent; RJ shall take strict actions against agent who own that access.
  • RJ policy applies on any user who have access on RJ inventory system such as travel agents, OTAs, GSAs, Airlines…etc.
  • All users using RJ inventory system shall keep themselves and their staff aware and well informed of RJ GDS policy whereas they shall adhere when using or accessing RJ inventory system and ticketing facilities.
  • RJ policy maybe updated from time to time and will be published on RJ webpages and the BSP link. It is agent responsibility to check for these updates through the announced channels.
  • when an agent is creating a booking and once he receives cancelation for the segment at the same minute after creation; the agent is requested to check for the reason with his GDS provider instead of keep trying to book while each time he receives a cancelation for that segment. Such practice shall be counted in agents churning and inactive reports.
  • Agents are requested to register their names matching their commercial license, as that will be reflected to RJ through their GDS provider.
  • In case of detecting any misleading name issue; RJ shall have the right to block any agent from accessing its inventory system.
  • For details of the basis on which we may collect, process and transfer your personal data, please see ourPrivacy Policy.

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