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Процедура возвратов/обменов в связи с COVID-19 вступает в силу незамедлительно и отменяет все ранее опубликованные. Не распространяется на групповые бронирования. Действует для авиабилетов, выпущенных до 30 сентября 2020 г. включительно и для дат вылета до 30 сентября 2020 года включительно. Применяется в следующих случаях:

- Flight cancellation: flights cancelled by Gulf Air

- Travel bans/immigration restrictions: where there is a government notification that prevents travel to or entry into a country

- Travel advisory: where there is a general government advisory against non-essential travel

- Quarantine requirements: where there is mandatory quarantine at either the origin or destination

- Mandatory lockdown: where a government has issued a mandatory lockdown and customers are unable to reach the airport as a result

- Reluctance to travel: customer does not wish to travel given the current uncertainties surrounding Covid-19

Допускаются следующие варианты, подробные условия указаны ниже:

- Неограниченные изменения без штрафов по всем авиабилетам GF (вне зависимости от даты вылета). Пассажирам можно предлагать изменение даты без штрафа. Если новое путешествие начинается

до 30.09.2020 г, добор по тарифу не взимается. При дате вылета начиная с 1.10.2020 г, взимается возможный добор по тарифу.

- Сохранение стоимости билета для будущих перелетов - в случае, если пассажир еще не знает новые даты путешествия. Стоимость билета (ticket value) сохраняется для начала путешествия в течение года с даты выписки). Допускается изменение маршрута.

- Возврат по правилам тарифа, если рейсы выполняются. В случае отмены рейсов допускается вынужденный возврат.

Terms and Conditions for Unlimited Changes Without Penalty (Option 1 above)

- Applicable to all tickets (all commercial ticket types including redemption tickets and including partially utilized tickets) issued up/to including 30September 2020. There is no restriction on when the ticket was issued e.g. tickets issued in August 2019 are eligible

- Applicable to all departure dates (30September 2020 restriction does not apply for this option)

- All fees/penalties and service charges will be waived. This includes no-show fees which will also be waived

- If the new trip commences on/before 30September 2020 book the lowest available class. Any additional fare will not apply but any differences in taxes will apply

- If the new trip commences on/after 01 October 2020 reprice new fare and collect any difference in fare and taxes

- Rebooking date is subject to a maximum of one year from the original ticket issuance date

- The following OSI remark should be added to the booking- OSI GF AUTHORISED REBOOKING DUE CORONA

Terms and Conditions for Postponement of Travel Plans (Option 2 above)

- The new flight departure date must be for outbound travel up to a maximum of 1 year from the original ticket issuance date, irrespective of the ticket validity

- Flight postponement is for the same passenger and is non-transferable

- The ticket value will remain unchanged

- Change fees will not be charged regardless of which fare was originally purchased

- Where the status of the ticket is no-show (NS), no-show fees will be waived

- Difference in fare and taxes will apply. If the fare for the new trip is higher, the passenger must pay the difference. This will also apply in the scenario where a child becomes an adult after the date of original travel or where an infant becomes a child

- If the fare for the new trip is lower there will be no refund of the difference due

- The new booking may be made on any GF route and is not restricted to the original route booked. This applies to both wholly unutilized and partially utilized tickets

- All associated seat reservation and excess baggage purchases will be honored for the new booking

Procedure for Postponement of Travel Plans – for passengers booked with a travel agent:

- Passenger should be advised to contact their travel agent

- Original itinerary to be cancelled and an open segment inserted into the same PNR for a date one year from the original ticket issuance date

- Status of the ticket should remain as OK/OPEN

- The following OSI remark should be added to the booking – OSI TRAVEL POSTPONEMENT DUE CORONA GOOD FOR FUTURE TRAVEL

- Passenger to be advised to keep their original PNR locator and ticket number for when they are ready to re-book

- Passenger should be advised of all terms and conditions

- When the passenger is ready to re-book they should contact their travel agent

Опция 3

Пассажиры с билетами, выпущенными до 30 сентября 2020 г. с датами вылета до 30 сентября 2020 г., в случае отмены рейсов могут запросить вынужденный возврат.

Если рейсы выполняются, допускается только возврат по правилам тарифа. В случае, если тариф невозвратный, таксы YQ/YR также не возвращаются. В случае комбинаций по тарифу применяется более строгий вариант.

Terms and Conditions for Refunds (Option 3 above)

Passengers holding GF tickets issued on/before 30September 2020 with a confirmed outbound travel date up to and including 30September 2020 and who are impacted by the cancellation of at least one flight in their itinerary (i.e. the refund request is involuntary) are permitted to refund their tickets without penalty. All refund fees will be waived. This is applicable to both refundable and non-refundable tickets.

Passengers holding GF tickets issued on/before 30September 2020 with a confirmed outbound travel date up to and including 30September 2020 and who voluntarily choose to refund (i.e. flights are still operating) will be allowed to refund their ticket as per the fare rules of the ticket. Normal refund fees will apply. Where the ticket is non-refundable, only the taxes can be refunded. In such cases, the passenger can also be offered either Option 1 (unlimited changes without fees/penalties) or Option 2 (keeping the ticket for future use). Where a ticket has a combination of a refundable fare with a non-refundable fare, the most restrictive rules shall apply. Such tickets would, therefore, be non-refundable. The YQ charge would also be non-refundable.

PNR must be commented with the following OSI entry: OSI GF REFUNDED DUE CORONA

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