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The current days are extremely hectic for all of us, with surely not enough hours to get all the work done. In a time like this, it is important that you can set your own priorities. Therefore, Air France and KLM implement temporary measures to support you in your daily work and give you the time to help and reassure your customers:

  1. Air France and KLM want to give you what you need most right now; extra time. You can now secure that your PNRs stay active until 30 September 2020.
  2. For all flights booked with scheduled departure until 31 May 2020, our rebook policy applies. You can change the travel date and /or destination.
  3. Of course, we encourage you to rebook, but we also understand if your customers cannot yet reschedule their trip. In this case, you can offer an EMD that your customers can use for a future trip.

These three new measures give you all the time you need, to keep an overview and help your customers in the best possible way, given the current situation.

To get a clear idea of the options the rebook policy offers and how it works, please check the flow chart.

This voluntary rebooking policy is complimentary and does not replace the specific policies in place for travel to and from China and South Korea. 

Please check AgentConnect.biz for the complete rebook policy and/or visit the websites to stay up to date with latest news and updates:

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