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Argentina Reciprocity Fee

03/01/2014It exclusively affects Australian, Canadian and United States citizens traveling to Argentina


Tthe Reciprocity Fee for Entry Requests to the Country, that are currently being collected from Australian, Canadian and United States citizens, upon arrival in Argentina, must be paid online before initiating the trip.  

To enable payment of this Reciprocity Fee, Australian, Canadian and United States citizens must register their personal and credit card by accessing the following websites: www.migraciones.gov.ar or www.provinciapagos.gov.ar.  The application will generate a payment receipt, which those citizens will have to present to immigration control upon entry to the Argentine Republic.

Failure to present the receipt will prevent the passenger from entering the country, with the transporting carrier obligated to return the passenger to their origin, and result in an administrative sanction against said carrier.

Given this situation,

Iberia will not accept passengers of the aforementioned nationalities on our flights to Buenos Aires-Ezeiza, with a scheduled arrival to said airport as of 12/29/2012, if they are unable to provide the payment receipt before boarding the flight.

This will not affect passengers in transit to a third country, as long as they remain in the Ezeiza Airport Transit Lounge.

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