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Dear partners,

We want to remind you that EL accepts refund request only through BSP link with refund application. No other refund channel (refund notice) will be available.

Ellinair would like to bring to your attention important information in order to avoid any possible ADM charges:

  1. YQ surcharge is non - refundable for all booking classes except M* and Y*.
    *In case of combined fares only M and Y coupons will be refunded.

  2. Cancellation of ticket (Void)
    a) is not permitted for E, P, U, T, S, W booking classes.
    b) is not permitted for same day issuance in case of non-show.
    c) is not permitted in all booking classes within two hours or less prior departure.

  3. Repetitive pnrs creation (same passenger / flight / date).
    a) Pnr churnings (cancellations/rebookings) are limited up to two times.
    b) Double or multiple bookings for the same passenger(dupe pnrs) are not permitted.
    c) Test bookings and pnr creations for pricing only are not permitted.

  4. Unproductive or inactive segments should be checked and deleted.

More information about our ADM policy can be retrieved from our website
www.ellinair.com on main page under subpage Travel information/Travel agents.


Any violation of the above mentioned rules result in ADM issuance.
There is 10 Euro administrative fee for each ADM document processing.

With compliments
Ellinair Commercial department

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