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Good Day All

The “Instructions to RJ’s booking agent” document is important to have the consent of the passenger signed and stored.

The “Forms to be signed by face to face passengers” is same as the above without the explanation, the form should be signed and stored, this form should to be circulated to all  your agents and subagents in your area.

It is advised in this respect is the following that we extract each GDPR notice relating to each situation (e.g. minor passenger, pregnant passenger etc.) and have them ready, as separate documents, for handing to the Passenger as required. 

An alternative would be for the complete form to be used by travel agents and presented to Passengers, with the customer being required to give consent to the items that are specifically relevant to his or her flight needs however it might be better for travel agents to use the “complete” form, as this will ensure they will always have all situations covered.

It is important that the agency get the consent of the passenger and having is stored, as per the law they can and will be held responsible for any breach of data.

For all other passengers ( and since the available ticket jackets don’t have the privacy policy) it is important that:

1-      Print the ticket, highlight the privacy policy or

2-      Send email to the passenger on the sport with the privacy policy link in it

3-      Should both of the above are not possible then the employee should verbally advice the passenger to familiarize himself with the privacy policy available on RJ web site (https://www.rj.com/en/meet-rj/privacy-policy)

4-      The consent should be on headed paper and make sure to keep copy of the pnr or ticket with the consent

5-      In the “instruction to RJ…” document and in the Note it writes “This declaration can be made online by the Passenger..” this refers to if the passenger is on the phone so you can refer him to RJ private policy site, however if the passenger is face to face in office then the consent format mush be signed

The privacy policy link is “ https://www.rj.com/en/meet-rj/personal-data-breach-reporting-policy


Royal Jordanian Amman

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