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LX-logoПожалуйста, обратите внимание на некоторые изменения в политике бронирования и выписки билетов SWISS

Краткий обзор изменений.

Chapter “Name Changes/Name Corrections” 
The full name and title of each passenger must be entered at the time of booking. A name change means that you replace 
the person by another person in your booking. Changes of family name or first name are not permitted within the same 
PNR. If change is needed, the original PNR must be cancelled and a new PNR must be created, however the booking 
class must be available. Name corrections (up to 2 letters) are only permitted if the customer name has been misspelled or to reflect legal 
documents. The name change restrictions do not apply for Group PNRs.

Полная версия документа: SWISS Booking and Ticketing Policy.

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