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Просьба ознакомиться со специальной политикой АА, которая касается изменения расписания рейсов LATAM (LA), с участием Wamos Air (EB) по договору мокрого лизинга (аренды с обслуживанием). Для рейсов между Los Angeles, CA (LAX) и Santiago, Chile (SCL).

Special Travel Exception for Service
between LAX and SCL on flights operated by Wamos Air (EB)
Flights Affected:
  • AA*/LA  7730 LAX SCL
  • AA*/LA  7722 SCL LAX
Ticketed On/Before: February 27, 2019
Effective for Ticketed Travel Dates: March 1 – 13, 2019
Reissue Ticket On/Before: Same day as flight rebooking
Rebook on: Flights affected between LAX SCL only
  • Book AA Prime to SCL
  • Book AA*/LA to SCL
  • Note: cannot be operated by EB
Inventory Requirements: Lowest Inventory Available – Same Cabin, up to and including H for main cabin
Change to Origin/Destination: Not allowed
Connections via DFW/MIA/JFK allowed
Refund: Allowed
Refer to Refunds
Phone Field: Ensure the customer’s telephone contact number is updated

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